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Big weekend for MLK!

Lots of exciting news today from MLK!

Edvard Johansson made it all the way to the finals of the Finnish national championship for +45 years of age! What a great run for Edvard! We are very proud that he was able to take home a silver medal in a national tournament.

The MLK men's tennis team won against LTC 33 4-0 in Helsinki this afternoon.

Singles action :

Sean x Sakari Poussa - 6-0,6-0

Henrique x Pauli Kariniemi - 6-4,6-1

Zacke x Jaakko Taivalkoski - 6-0,6-0


Sean/Zacke x Sakari Poussa/Olli Eklund - 6-1,6-0

The men's tennis team will play their last match of the summer season tomorrow in Helsinki.

Other news from MLK comes from even further east in Kotka, Finland. Olle and Melker Rumander are playing a FM tournament over the weekend. Melker has won his first round match against Mathias Merve.

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