Smash Kotka 4 x 0 MLK

Update from the match in Kotka:

Sean has joined us in Helsinki today for our match. We knew we had a tough task ahead of us against the 2nd best team in division 1. Sean and Otto had even matches but ended up falling 2-0. Zacke had a really good match at #3 and almost came up with the victory. In doubles, despite a good effort from Sean and Zacke, the Ahti brothers proved to be stronger than our team.

Our next match is against JTS in Jyväskylä 01/12.

Sean Bailey x Valtteri Ahti 3/6 3/6

Otto Byman x Jussi Salmio 2/6 2/6

Zacharias Forsström x Vesa Ahti 6/4 2/6 9-11

Bailey/Forsström x Ahti/Ahti 4-6 2-6

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